Akhil is a freelance web developer who design and develop web applications. He is doing freelancing for two years now. He is an autodidact and aspiring Polymath.

He has worked for startups, local businesses and professionals. He has hands-on experience in frontend technologies and developing user interfaces. He generally build web applications with JavaScript, python(Django) and latest frameworks or libraries.

Besides web development, he has also experience in WordPress, SQL, Linux, Python, AI/ Machine Learning and various digital tools and frameworks. He also does content writing.

Beside technology, he also has a keen interest in Philosophy and Psychology.

He push his code at Github, write blogs on Medium and spill his thoughts on Twitter.

He is always looking for new opportunities and challenges.
You can reach Akhil at


Jobs Jammu

Web Development | Wordpress | Job Portal

This is a job portal, job finding and hiring place for youth and companies respectively.

Healthqo Diagnostics - A Clinical Laboratory

Web Development | SQL | Core PHP | Client

Highly functional web application which includes doctor appointment system and lab booking system.

Object Detection on Varied Complex Images

Deep Learning | Computer Vision | Data Science

Classification and labelling of objects in a complex and varied images, by deep learning models like FRCNN, YOLO, Retina-Net.


Python | Tweepy | IBM Watson | Android Studio

Android Application to detect and analyze the sentiments of users based on their recent tweets and recommend playlist of songs based on sentiment.


Automated Coginitive Meeting Minutes

Android Studio | IBM Watson | Python | Natural Language Understanding

A smart meeting assistant which continuously listen to the meeting and automatically transcribes the conversation in the real-time and structures it as Meeting Minutes. Key Features: Automatic speaker segregation, Real time transcripts generation, Sentiment analysis of speakers, Text summarization.


Medcare - Health Laboratory

Web Development | Python | Django APIs | JQuery | MySQL | Client

Web Application for a medical laboratory, which includes doctor appointment system, lab test booking system and online pharmacy.

Halocare Foundation - NGO

Web Development | Django | JavaScript | Client

Dynamic Web Application for an NGO, which includes posting causes, events and blog management system.

Polus Technologies

Web Development | Django | JavaScript | Content Writing | Client

Developed a web application for Polus Technologies.

Institutional Website

Web Development | Django | JavaScript | CSS | MySQL

Developed a web application for an Institute consisting announcements, Events, Gallery, etc.

Burst It Game

Web Development | JavaScript

Developed a web game with pure javaScript.


Live Recorder

Web Development | JavaScript | RecordRTC

Built a recorder using RecordRTC.js which records via web cam and then save it in your PC.


Himalayan Finance

Web Development | JavaScript | CSS

Built a website for Himalayan Dex which is a Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

A Virtual Library

Web Development | JavaScript | CSS | JQuery

Built a virtual library web application which showcase books placed in shelf and you can read a book by clicking on them.



Akhil Chandail

Web Developer

Development and Design of Web Applications


Web Development

HTML, CSS (BootStrap/SASS/LESS), JavaScript(JQUery / AJAX), Python-Django, SQL, WordPress


Postman,, MS Excel, Jupyter


Git, Linux, OOPS, C/C++


Data Science

Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing...

Scripting & Linux

Web Crawlers, Bots, Scripting

UX/UI Design

Adobe XD, Figma

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